Only 4.2 Millions!!! Great Plaza at North Toronto! At the crossroads, close to the hospital! Can be used for apartment development!

Whole Plaza on Sale

Highlights of this case:

Located in the northern part of Toronto
Located at the major intersection
Close to TTC bus and subway station
Close to the famous hospital in northern Toronto
Land can be used for apartment development

Stable and abundant customers;
Objective business prospect! 

Our Plaza is located at an important intersection north of Toronto, near the TTC bus stop. Convenient transportation, abundant passenger flow.
Especially in this case, there is a famous hospital in Toronto nearby. Relying on the large number of people in hospitals will drive the development of regional commerce and form the "hospital effect".


And around Plaza, there are many residential areas. This will also bring a continuous and stable source of customers for commercial tenants in Plaza.


At present, there are many merchants in Plaza, engaged in catering, retail, life services and other aspects, not only stable rent, but also considerable business prospects.


Suitable for apartment development;
Great potential for appreciation!


This Plaza also has an incomparable advantage - land can be used for apartment development!
Located at the crossroads, convenient transportation, and close to the hospital, many conditions make it has excellent development prospects.


In addition, around the area where Plaza is located, there are two parks and green Spaces. Within a five-minute drive of Plaza, there is also a famous golf course north of Toronto. Around it, there is even a big famous winery in Toronto!



Excellent geographical location, and a execellent living environment, so that the land itself has the best potential for development, its appreciation is within sight!


Only for:$4.2 Million!

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