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Why Jackie Jiang is your best choice as a Real Estate Broker?

Top 1 Brokerage in Oakville, the Greater Toronto Area & Ontario from all Brokerages in Canada*

Top 1% Producer (2012- 2018, 2021, 2023) in Royal LePage with over 20,000 REALTORS®

Top 2% Producer ( 2009 - 2023) in Royal LePage with over 20,000 REALTORS®

Top 1 Team (2013-2018) and Top 2 Team (2011-2012, 2019) in Royal LePage Plantation

Top 3 Team (2005, 2007, 2009, 2010) in Royal LePage Meadowtowne & Royal LePage Oakville (2023, Corporation)

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (since 2006)

20 years Sales experience in real estate industry (Licence since 2003)


1) The strongest and most powerful Real Estate Broker in Canada’s largest Real Estate Company, worthy of the name, outstanding and truly the one out of hundreds.

Royal LePage is not only the oldest Canadian Real Estate brokerage firm but also the most complete management, demanding, perfect network service. And it’s the only Real Estate brokerage firm in Canada that has a fund and is freely traded on the stock market (TSX). It was with the help of Royal Real Estate that the Toronto Real Estate Board and the Ontario Real Estate Association were formed in 1920 and 1922. Royal LePage has nearly 19,000 brokers and more than 610 offices nationwide sales network, and in more than 26 countries around the world, with more than 4,700 offices, more than 170,000 brokers.

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Jackie Jiang won the President's Gold Medal Award, Director Platinum Award, Diamond Award, and the highest award ----- National Chairman's Club for 6 consecutive years. She also was the recipient of a rare Canadian Lifetime Outstanding Achievement Award. She is the Top 1% Producer in Royal LePage over 20,000 REALTORS®, The Leader of Top 1 Team in Royal LePage Plantation (2013-2018).


2023 Royal LePage Chairman's club Award Videos (Jackie's Team photo showed at 29'18")

2) Sincere work attitude, a solid professional foundation, rich real estate experience, superb negotiation skills, keen market sense, tenacity of the ability to work, good communication language, it is Jackie Jiang work expertise.

She graduated from the Architecture and Marketing and has been engaged in interior decoration design for many years. She has lived in the western part of the GTA area since 1993 and not only familiar with the community environment, but also has a long history of 30 years local work and life. The most important thing is that Jackie has been working with native brokers and their companies 20 years, established a wide range of social personnel network, to master how the differences in Eastern and Western cultures, accurate and effective for customers to maximize the benefits.

3) The best understanding of your needs, the most understand your situation, the most understanding of your commitment to the family.  Providing you with comprehensive, professional and efficient real estate services. Many of Jackie’s clients share simila

Jackie will act as your concierge and ambassador to you, assisting in many different parts of relocating and buying real estate in our market.r backgrounds, customs, culture and attitudes. This makes dealing with each other comfortable and a positive experience.

4) Jackie is also very experienced in the buying and selling of luxury properties. Not only since 2006 ,she is Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. But also, she is the Million Dollar Member in The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing since 2007. Jackie has near 1,000 second-hand housing trading experiences, results for all to see. So, whether it is buildings, townhouses, or independent houses, and even super-luxury, she will be competent!

5) Much of Jackie’s business comes from referrals by satisfied clients. Excellent reputation is your confidence guarantee. Her first duty is to ensure that client’s needs are served first and best. She said: customers are smart, real estate agents only really for the sake of customers in order to survive in the industry for a long time. Today, most of her business comes from the different ethnic background of the old customers and their friends and relatives.

She specializes in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington and in Toronto trading houses. She works in the immediate office of Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd (not the interlocking branch). The same brokerage has 2 in Mississauga, 3 in Oakville and 11 in the Greater Toronto Area.  


Wherever you are in Canada, Royal LePage always accompanies you. Choose Royal LePage and choose Jackie Jiang, and you are assured of peace of mind!


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Professional Experience

As a real estate professional, I believe in personalized service and solid communication. I will provide you with most comprehensive real estate service available, guiding you through the purchase of your dream home with ease. I am a “ Diamond” award winning agent over the past years; with my hard working and experience I also gain the Award of Excellence for the preceding years, having achieved the position of top 1% of agents in Canada in Sales, I am a Top Producing agent with over $20 million in sales annually. I will put my commitment in writing by offering you my exclusive Seller Service Guarantee.

Spoken Languages

Mandarin, English / Anglais, Chinese / Chinois, Cantonese / Cantonais

Areas of Expertise

Buyer Representation, Executive, Condominiums, Rentals, First Time Buyers, Absentee Owner Sales, New Condominiums, Carriage Trade, Investment, New Home Sales and Commercial Real Estate: Schools,Warehouses, Investment Lands, Senior Homes.



Why choose Royal LePage as Your Real Estate Firm?

#1 Brokerage in Oakville, the Greater Toronto Area & Ontario from all Brokerages in Canada


1) Royal LePage is Canada's oldest, best-managed, most demanding, most perfect network service and the largest real estate firm. Founded in 1913, it has a history of 110 years, with more than 610 offices in Canada and more than 20,000 real estate brokers. In more than 26 countries around the world, with more than 4,700 offices, more than 180,000 real estate brokers, the formation of a set of the whole country and the world in one, perfect, modern global sales service network. Whether it is to buy a house, sell a house, buy land, sell land, or wards, off-site re-home buyers, real estate investment trading ,,,, etc., can be an effective high-quality services.

2)  Royal LePage is the real estate agency industry leader and role model. It was with the help of Royal LePage that the Toronto Real Estate Board was established in 1920 and the Ontario Real Estate Association was founded in 1922. At the same time, Royal LePage developed by the industry standards and norms, is still followed by other real estate companies. It is precisely because of this, it is the brokerage industry within the industry's most stringent requirements of the company.

3) Royal LePage is the only real estate agency in the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) has a fund and is free to trade. The fund is called the Brookfield Real Estate Service Fund, code-named: TSX, BRE. This requires that it must have a sound financial supervision and strict administrative system. It is also a major real estate brokerage firm wholly owned by Canadians, and is a better example of Canada's multicultural values.

4) Royal LePage compared to other real estate companies, has the highest selling price, the highest transaction price and the listing price ratio, the minimum number of days traded (Source: Realty). Over the past decade, the company has doubled its trading volume in the residential resale market in Canada, while the market has tripled. Therefore, compared with other real estate companies, it better understand the actual situation of each community, more timely grasp of real estate market trends, so as to provide accurate information.

5) Royal LePage is not only the largest sales and volume company in the Ontario and Greater Toronto GTA homes (with sales of $ 5.1 billion in 2012 being 1.5 times that of the second estate agency and second with sales of $ 5.2 billion in 2013 Real estate agency 1.3 times), but also Oakville city housing sales and the largest amount of real estate agency.

6) Royal LePage's brokers are fully rigorously trained, with the most rigorous training system recognized by the vast majority of companies, and the company's brokers are able to provide strong vertical and horizontal market support. Our office full-time support seven days a week, 24 hours a day telephone and fax services. Royal LePage Marketing department and off-site re-housing department are able to provide timely logistical support throughout Canada and the world. Moreover, through the internal network www.rlpnetwork.com system, to achieve knowledge update, retraining, and a variety of market logistics support work for our customers to provide quality and reliable service conditions.

If you want to learn more about the company, please visit http://www.royallepage.ca/realestate/about-us, a Canadian real estate portal!

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