“Jackie impressed us as a professional real estate sales representative. She has good knowledge in real estate profession. She takes care of our needs, and always gives us advice and answers our questions patiently. Her strong negotiation skills truly benefited us in the process of buying our new home and selling our old home. I definitely will recommend her and her team to any people who are thinking about buying or selling home.” Jackie作为一名专业的房地产经纪给我们留下了深刻的印象,她对房地产行业有很好的理解。她会把我们的需求放在首位,给我们建议并且耐心回答我们的问题,她强大的谈判技巧使我们在购买新房和出售旧房的过程中受益匪浅。我会向任何正在考虑买房或卖房的人推荐她和她的团队

- Luo & Wu


“Jackie is a hard worker with enthusiasm, with cares about her clients. She knows her work, her responsibilities, and the market so well. She never stops improving her skills both in purchasing and selling. All we will say is that it has been a great pleasure to have Jackie as our broker in the past 9 years.” Jackie是一位有热情,关心她的客户的房地产经纪。她十分了解自己的工作,职责和市场。她一直在提高自己在买卖房子方面的能力。我们要说的是在过去9年里我们非常高兴Jackie是我们的地产经纪

- Ying & Qing


"As we received each of the 11 multiple offers on our property, we knew that we had the most professional and experienced agent. We are very pleased with the sales strategy, the execution, and most of all the best results from Jakie's hard work. We would highly recommend Jackie for anyone for their real estate needs." “当我们的房产收到11份买家买房意向时,我们意识到我们正在和一个最专业、最具有经验的房产经纪进行合作。我们十分欣赏江晓清的销售策略以及她坚韧的办事能力。同时也非常赞许她辛勤努力下所得到的成就。我们高度推荐江晓清给所有对房地产有需求的客户。”

- Ming & Lei


"We are very appreciative about Jackie's professionalism and her excellent ablility to work with clients. Throughout the transaction, we felt assured that she had our interests at heart. It was really a very positive experience for us to have worked with her." “我们极其欣赏江晓清的专业基础和她出色的客户合作能力。通过合作能感受到她处处以我们客户利益放在首位。我们很享受和她一起合作的经历。”

- Kyoung & Hyunsoon


"Jackie is very friendly and professional with strong negotiation skills. Our home was sold within a week with 99% close to our asking price. Jakie minimized the conditions of the offer as low as possible that helped us with panic." “江晓清高超的谈判技巧,使我们的房屋在一周内以接近我们所要求的价格售出。更重要的是她能最大程度的减少了苛刻的条款,这对我们来说帮助很大。”

- Kyoung & Hyunsoon


"We are very overwhelmed and deligted at Jakie's service. She is truly professional all the way. Her marketing, understanding and experience of the real estate market made it a pleasureable experience." “我们非常满意和认可江晓清的服务。毫无疑问她是个非常专业的地产经纪,她对市场的了解认知以及多年的专业经验使得整个买卖过程变得相当轻松愉快。”

- Gloria & Efren


"Although selling and buy houses can be a stressful process, we truly had a great experience with Jakie Jiang. The process was completed with ease and any questions or difficulties encountered were always resolved in a timely fashion. We couldn't be happier! Overall, the experience was fabulous and we would definitely recommend Jakie to our friends and family." “买卖房屋可以说是一个压力重重的过程,但我们和江晓清一起合作的很愉快。在她的帮助下整个过程变得相当轻松,她能及时准确的解决所有疑问、处理过程中遇到的所有困难。能和这样有经验的经纪一起合作感到很荣幸。我們强烈推荐江晓清給我們的朋友和家人”

- Julia & Jimmy


“We would like to thank Jackie for the tremendous amount of time and energy she expended in making sure that we were totally satisfied and thrilled with our purchase. She has done all small things – but each one makes a huge impact.” 我们非常感谢jackie花费了大量的时间和精力来确保我们的满意,她做了所有的小事情但是每一件事都会产生巨大的影响

- Michelle and Mike He


“Jackie advised us with a positive attitude, her knowledge of how and when to market and present our house enabled us to get great value for our home.” Jackie以积极的态度为我们提供建议, 她对如何以及何时推销和展示我们的房子的专业知识使我们的房子获得了更大的价值

- Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza


“Jackie took extra efforts to develop a winning strategy considering the condition of the current real estate market. She did not let small details slipped her keen marketing eyes. Her expert advice and clear hands-on understanding of what it will take to make it happen were critical to the success of the new listing under the agency. And the result, an offer in just two days after listing and at 99% of the asking price.” 考虑到当前房地产市场的情况,Jackie加倍努力制定制胜战略,她不会让小细节逃出她的眼睛,她的专业建议和理解对房子的上新至关重要。最后,使我们的房屋在两天内以接近我们所要求的价格售出

- Jonathan & Felice